Community in Progress

Bike St. Johns is a community of neighbors who believe St. Johns and the surrounding North Portland peninsula neighborhoods are the perfect community for bike possibilities and possibilities by bike – around town commuting, recreation, training, exploring, FOR ALL NEIGHBORS TOGETHER.

First an advocacy group for community, we are again establishing a place to connect neighbors to local fun rides around the neighborhood, longer fun rides, family minded rides, MTB ride shares, new to commuting rides, grocery rides, coffee rides, beer rides, etc. 

Community and bike fun are the ultimate goal. Neighbors who desire to take on a leadership role in bike stuff and using cycling as a means to connect your community, are welcomed and encouraged. Have young kids and want to connect with other bike minded families? How about hosting a playground ride? Community agriculture ride? Training for Reach the Beach? Make it happen! Share ideas and connections! 

The Bike St. Johns community aims to serve as resource to new and old cyclists and an engaging conduit for news, rooted bike-strong non-profits, and time-operative advocacy groups like npGREENWAY, maintaining a visual social presence online, at events, festivals, and farmers markets, while being considerate, receptive, outgoing, and available to the larger community.

This web space will likely evolve to provide local maps, a calendar, links to news, and people (the space is not the point, so we’ll see how it evolves).

Our old reinspired community is on facebook. (search Bike St Johns - no . in St) - Twitter: BIKESTJ